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"Detailed and accurate, that is why I use Pro Rank Tracker"


As a marketer, SEO or business owner, you need reliable tools. When it comes to rank tracking, you also need precise tools. You want to track on a local level as well as on a national level. Plus there's more than just Google.

Pro Rank Tracker does just that. You can track keywords for any country or city you want. And you can choose from several search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Seznam, Yandex and Amazon. Oh and for local businesses there's also the option to track the local pack (or snack pack) and Maps results.

But wait... there's more! You can even choose from a range of reports, including comparison with competitors.

"ProRankTracker is among the leading keyword ranking tools on the market"


We've been using ProRankTracker on multiple projects since it was launched, and we've upgraded it a few times to fit our project list, and we'll do it again when the time comes.

What more can I say, ProRankTracker is among the leading keyword ranking tools on the market. It helps us to track keyword positions for our accounts with lightning speed. This tool comes recommended!

“We advise all SEO companies to use ProRank Tracker as their number 1 keyword ranking tool”


As the owner of SEOpros, arguably the best SEO company in the whole of South Africa. We use Pro Rank Tracker on a daily basis, the tool makes our lives 10x easier. Quickly looking at the Google rankings of our clients every day and being able to see all our keywords ranking number 1 is an unbeatable feeling and without Pro Rank Tracker we would not be able to experience that joy. We have been using Pro Rank Tracker since 2016 and it has never let us down, always has accurate results starting from day one. The Pricing of the tool is very reasonable keeping in mind the amazing results. We advise all SEO companies to use Pro Rank Tracker as their number 1 keyword ranking tool. It's just so easy.

What types of traffic affiliates can run?

Blog Articles
Paid trafic
Banner ads
Price comparison sites
Review Sites

ProRankTracker Benefits

ProRankTracker is a highly specialised rank tracking & reporting solution that makes both the SEO agencies and their clients happy.

Highest-Accuracy Algorithm

ProRankTracker is the tool that every SEO, SEM, or website owner needs. The state-of-the-art algorithm will outperform any competitor to give you the most accurate, up-to-date results on the ranking of your websites (deep to the top 100 results).

Daily Updates, Plus Updates on Demand

ProRankTracker will automatically check the ranking of your tracked terms every day. In addition to the daily updates, you will be able to perform additional updates on demand.


PRT offers a professional interface and reporting in various languages (native translations). Supported languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Program description & details

Commission terms

$60 for a every “Starter” plan subscription and $120 for every “Pro” or “Agency” plan that you refer

Program Agreement

Refund policy

No refunds within
45-days after the initial sale occurred for a specific referred client

Cookie lifetime

120 days


Approved transactions are paid 20 day(s) after end of the month that they are locked. Minimum withdrawal amount: USD $50

Any restrictions

Not to bid for search engine traffic with keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get an answer!

How does your affiliate program work?

Sign up to our Affiliate program. We’ve partnered with impact.com – a leading partnership marketplace to provide you with the best affiliate marketing experience as you promote PRT.

What is the commission rate?

You’ll be rewarded $60 for a every “Starter” plan subscription and $120 for every “Pro” or “Agency” plan that you refer (direct paid sign-up, or upgrading after a free trial sign-up).

How long does the tracking cookie last?

You will enjoy a last-click attribution model with 120 days of cookie life (for free/paid first sign-up) and 400 days of rewards for upgrades from free to paid (after the free trial sign-up).

When do I get paid?

Approved transactions are paid 20 day(s) after end of the month that they are locked.You will be able to withdraw affiliate commissions from Impact using several payment methods and currencies, with a threshold of only $50.

Who should I refer? What is PRT’s target audience?

SEO/SEM agencies, SEO pros (individuals), In-house SEO departments, website owners, Bloggers, Video marketers/Youtubers, Internet/affiliate marketers and Amazon sellers.

Who can I contact at ProRankTracker for affiliate support?

You can reach out to jonathan@proranktracker-affiliates.com for any questions.